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Introducing Print Clever OS

As we step into 2024, the momentum from last year continues, marked by remarkable sales volumes and rapid advancements. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has led us to make significant investments in our production capabilities and client-facing technologies. We are thrilled to share a groundbreaking update with you.

Introducing Print Clever OS

Print Clever OS is our latest innovation, a comprehensive software tool designed to revolutionise operations across our client interfaces and our two state-of-the-art factories. After nine months of hard work, we are ready to unveil this transformative platform.

Turbo Factories: A Leap Forward

Our soon to be updated factories will be a testament to our commitment to excellence, incorporating advanced AI, machine learning, and lean manufacturing techniques to enhance production speed and quality control. Print Clever OS stands at the heart of this evolution, ensuring a seamless order process and optimising staff allocation to minimise production bottlenecks. Our goal for 2024 is ambitious: achieving a 93% 1 day dispatch rate for print-on-demand items.

Moreover, Print Clever OS introduces additional quality checkpoints and automated quality control measures, setting new standards in product excellence.

Navigate: Your Portal to Innovation

Navigate, the client portal aspect of Print Clever OS, offers real-time order tracking, direct communication with our team, and product customisation capabilities. This tool is designed to empower you, our valued partner, with unparalleled control and insight into your orders.

Implementation Timeline

We have commenced the transformation at our UK factory and plan to begin transitioning clients to Print Clever OS in March. Your account manager will reach out to discuss your personalised transition plan and provide a comprehensive introduction to Print Clever OS.

The implementation at our USA factory is scheduled for April/May, adopting Print Clever OS to enhance our service quality further.

We anticipate minimal disruption during this transition and commit to keeping you fully informed of any updates.

We are excited about the future and grateful for your continued partnership. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards innovation and excellence.


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