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Order Desk: Placing an order for a product already designed in Print Clever OS

IMPORTANT: Before you can place an order please ensure you have connected your Order Desk account to the Print Clever Global App. For more information click here

Step 1: Viewing Your Available Products

In Order Desk navigate to Manage Integrations and open the Print Clever Global App.

Click on View Available Custom Products.

Displayed will be a list of all the designs you have created in Print Clever OS. You can expand each design to show the variations available for each. Each design will be broken down by colour and size. Each variations will have a reference field that can be used to tell Print Clever OS which design, size and colour your customer has ordered.

Step 2: Placing your order

In this example we have selected our design and we will take the reference for the design in 5XL White

You now need to navigate to your customers order in Order Desk. From here you need to add the Reference as a Variations to the product. To do this click on the Product Title and a box will appear. Under the Set Variations section in the Name Field add “VariantID” and in the Value Field enter your design reference. Click Save Item.

To send the order through to Print Clever click on the Print Clever Global icon. Your order will now automatically be pushed through to Print Clever for production.

Automatic Order Submission

If you would prefer to have your orders automatically submit to Print Clever please follow the below

Step 1: Enabling Inventory Details to Order Items

Under Store Settings in Order Desk tick the Add Inventory Details to Order Items box and click Save.

Step 2: Building your products in Inventory Items

In Order Desk click on Inventory Items. Now click Add New Item.

A page will appear for you to enter your product details. For the Print Clever OS system the following fields are required. Name, Code and VariantID.

Name Field - Your product name

Code Field - The SKU you have entered on your market place

VariantID Field - The VariantID taken from the Print Clever App from within the Order Desk dashboard

When an order is now placed for this SKU the VariantID will be automatically added to your order.

Step 3: Automatically submitting new orders to Print Clever

To set up automatic submissions you need to create a rule. Click into Rule Builder within the Settings area.

From within Rule Builder select Order Rule.

In the Event tab in the section titled Select The Event That Will Trigger This Rule, select Order is Imported.

In the Filters & Actions tab select the Action to Submit Order To Print Clever Global. Finally Name The Rule and click Save.


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