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Print Clever Q1 2023 Update

Hi Everyone,

As we start the second quarter of 2023, let us take a moment to celebrate our strong and successful beginning to the year. We have experienced a significant surge in sales throughout our garment line, and Mother's Day 2023 has proven to be a remarkable success. We are thrilled to bring you the following exciting updates:

Introducing Our Revamped Website:

Our dedicated ecommerce team has worked throughout Q1 to give the Print Clever website a fresh new look. We invite you to explore the updated site, brimming with product details, templates, and much more. Visit and share your thoughts with us!

Exciting Expansion in Garment Production:

We are delighted to announce the latest enhancement to our garment production line—the Brother GTX 600, capable of crafting 420 garments per shift. These cutting-edge Direct to Garment Printer Inks proudly carry the Oeko-Tex® Certification, GOTS APPROVED, and are CPSIA compliant, ensuring both environmental responsibility and safety in printing. Additionally, these inks boast the highest wash fastness results in the DTG industry.

The Brother GTX600 Direct to Garment Printer comes equipped with an integrated humidity control system, providing the ideal environment for print heads to function at peak performance.

New Garment Factory on the Horizon:

This June, construction commences on our brand new 4,000 sq ft garment factory, seamlessly connected to our existing UK site. This state-of-the-art facility will enable us to expand our garment production capacity to over 10,000 garments daily in the coming years. We anticipate this new production space to be operational by early August.

Print Clever USA:

Tony and I had the pleasure of visiting Winona in early March, where we met with David and the Print Clever team to explore innovative QA and manufacturing systems. We are thrilled to announce that, in the past month, Print Clever USA has achieved remarkable efficiency, shipping 99% of orders within three days and an impressive 72% of orders on day 1.

Streamlined UK to EU Shipping:

During the Royal Mail international service disruptions, we partnered with Spring GDS for our international shipping needs. Although we have resumed using Royal Mail for international parcels, we have retained Spring GDS for EU orders. Consequently, we now offer an IOSS duty paid service for EU-bound shipments, resolving customs issues for goods departing the UK. For further details, please consult your account manager.

Join Us at FESPA:

Our team will be attending FESPA in May to explore the latest technological advancements and industry trends. We are aware that many of our valued customers will also be present, and we would be delighted to arrange meet-ups with anyone attending. Please let us know if you're interested in connecting with us during this event.


Ryan Acres


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